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As a member of expert trading you will gain valuable trading expertise and learn Forex trading strategies that will give you a chance to side-step many of the bruises some more seasoned Forex traders have gained along the wayside. The trading solution at Expert Trading is fully automated through the use of very clever software that can help you. However, as a member of expert trading you will gain knowledge that will support you and help you to enjoy the flexibility that comes with being a professional trader. Expert trading has come up with a revolutionary way of utilizing the essential software and teaching you all about trading strategies, copying trades from our own trading account and transferring the exact same information about Forex trading strategies into your own account. We have called this our Trade Duplicator which describes exactly what it does.

What does Forex Mean?
Forex stands for Foreign Exchange Markets, also referred to as FX. It involves buying and selling currencies on the world's currency markets, trading in pairs of currencies such as EUR / USD. As we have all witnessed recently, currencies are affected by politics, by ripples caused in the economies of different countries. It can even be affected by rumors, whether they are true or false: they can often have a dramatic effect on trading figures for that day. As a member of Expert Trading you will have all this information immediately to hand and be guided every step of the way. Basically, the Forex market is very unpredictable and you are gambling with real money: the more you know about trading strategies the more likely you are to earn welcome income and reduce your chances of making too many losses.

Technical Training is Essential
Where better to obtain free training than as a member of Expert Trading. We have plenty of videos and training material to help you as well as our unique Duplicator which can transfer the details of our trading strategies directly into your own account, which we trade on your behalf. Since the Forex trading market is so volatile and is predisposed to rumors blowing backwards and forwards, technical training is not just a good idea but is essential, especially if you prefer not to use the services of a broker. A well-trained entrepreneur, using Forex trading strategies can make a profit, regardless whichever direction the market is moving.

Duplicator EA
The Duplicator EA is unique to Expert Trading and, for a membership fee of £ 29.95 GBP per month you will be able to transfer a copy of all our expert trades to your account managed by ourselves or to any broker using the Meta Trader 4 platform. The Duplicator is simple to use: it is software that will automatically copy all the trades Expert Trading place. If we make a profit, then so will you – for that privilege, it only costs you £ 29.95GBP per month.

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